Monday, November 5, 2012

Digital Storytelling in Education

Digital Learning Network by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Digital Learning Network, a photo by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on Flickr.

 Digital Storytelling is a gateway for students and teachers to be able to tell stories through images, text, and videos. According to 7 things you should know about digital story telling "Can be instructional, persuasive, historical, or reflective. The resources available to incorporate into digital story are virtually limitless, giving the storyteller enormous creative latitude." For example a great site that is a platform for digital story use if Flickr which gives you the ability to upload images and videos as well as search them in order to be able to post images in a blog. Flickr gives anyone member the ability to organize photos and videos so that they are easier to find. I think that with Flickr there are endless ways to be able to create and give students assignments. I definitely see myself using it in my own classrooms in the future, especially for second language learners. I've thought of giving students a chance to introduce themselves and tell a story about it a way to break get students to know each other better through the images that they share. It's also a great way to get students in groups and collaborate on a project. I see how important of a tool digital storytelling can be for anyone. It gets them involved in thinking about their environment and the the knowledge that they receive and share with others. Overall its a great way to engage students and teachers to use their imagination and be creative with their process of learning.

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  1. We are only limited by our won creativity. Our own students often come up with products better than we could have imagined, so it's good to give them guidelines but also the freedom to create great things!