Monday, November 12, 2012

Making Photo Stories

So, for the second part of the assignment I looked into making photo stories. To make my photo story I used to Stupeflix which is a video making where you can share images, and videos with additions to use text and audio. I ended up using a free one time trial to make my video, it usually costs up $5 a month to get a plan and start making videos. I really enjoyed being able to use this tool  to share some of my photos on a trip to Paris. I wished that been able to use more than the 6 slides and initially tried to edit the video but wasn't able to do so in order to add more pictures. I can where this a great learning experience for students and teacher since it gives them a chance to explore the tools of the site and also share their interests and ideas. I can definitely see myself using this in my own classroom one day even with this particular slide that I've created and expanding it into a lesson about Paris and its culture and language. I think this something that can be useful in a classroom when discussing certain topics and making the slides engaging to be able to get students interested in learning a topic. It would be a great platform to use as an assignment for students, perhaps even splitting them into groups to work on a project and make a video based on a specific topic. It is simple to use in terms of making your own video which I like since it might be something that younger students might interested in using when participating in a classroom presentation.

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